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Learning through play is commended by Peter Peacock

(Photograph) - AN EMPHASIS on learning through play is commended by Peter Peacock, deputy minister for children and education, in introducing the curriculum framework for three to five year olds. Eleven thousand copies are being sent out to all childcare providers.

He says that the framework, produced by the Scottish Consultative Council on the Curriculum, uses play to allow children "to develop their own natural curiosity and creativity. In this way children get into the habit of learning." The Scottish curriculum, a draft of which was published in January, has been praised by childcare specialists in England who are critical of over-emphasis there on preparing children for primary school learning.

The framework, a revision of the earlier one for four-year-olds, has been produced to coincide with the extension of Government funding for three-year-olds from August.

Mr Peacock says that inspectors on visits to pre-school centres will look to see whether children are being given access to the full range of learning opportunities in the framework.

Inspectors praise nurseries, page 10

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