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Leaving on a jet plane

Glasgow, a city renowned for its fly-men, is about to be famous for its fly-teachers. In an unparalleled first, around 750 city staff will desert the challenges of the classroom and jet off to London at the end of next week for the BETT educational technology show.

Each morning for three days 250 teachers and support staff will fill a Luton-bound 747 charter flight, prepared for a day at the cutting edge of new technology. Coaches will ferry them to Olympia for a series of seminars and activities - lunch included, of couse - before they head home late in the day.

John Curley, senior education officer, grabbed the idea from Birmingham, which last year hired a train to London. Sponsorship from Glasgow's allies in its multi-million pound public private partnership school renovation scheme has ensured the cost is no more than pound;20 a head.

Most schools will send a teacher, and pre-five workers will also go.

"It's an opportunity for staff development on a grand scale that we have never contemplated before," Mr Curley said.

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