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Lecturers lodge collective pay bid

The two unions representing college lecturers are this week expected to submit a joint claim for a flat-rate Pounds 1,500 pay rise in 1996-97.

NATFHE is joining the Association for Teachers and Lecturers, as it did last year, to put in a collective claim to the Colleges' Employers' Forum.

The core pay claim covers both lecturers and management spine staff. However, as part of a policy shift newly agreed by NATFHE, it is understood that other aspects of the claim will vary between the two.

A third group of NATFHE members, those lecturers employed by local authorities, are still considering their claim. A national action group meeting today was considering whether to ballot members on industrial action, possibly a national day of protest, over moves by local authority employers to shift lecturers away from traditional Silver Book contracts.

ATL and NATFHE are to submit their joint claim to the Colleges' Employers' Forum on Monday. The employers will then have a month to consult on the proposals and the two sides will meet again on April 30.

Meanwhile the management union, the Association of College Managers, which has gained members at NATFHE's expense since incorporation, will this year break with tradition by meeting the CEF without NATFHE to discuss pay.

ACM secretary John Mowbray said members were currently being consulted on the claim, which was due to be submitted in early May.

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