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Lecturers urged to 'show the way' by minister;FE Focus

Teachers and lecturers will have pay towards improving their skills through the Government's new individual learning accounts, the minister for further and higher education has announced.

Baroness Blackstone has urged the profession to "show the way forward" by taking up the accounts, which can be cashed to enhance skills and careers.

The minister, addressing the annual conference of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers in Bournemouth last week, said the Government would provide financial support for the first million accounts with individuals paying a "minimum amount of their own money".

She told delegates: "I am acutely aware of the example that you, as teachers set. Through in-service training you are continually updating and reassessing your skills. You have long embraced lifelong learning.

"By taking up learning accounts and encouraging parents and others to consider their benefits you can help us all to take that extra step forward. You can help us create a learning age that heralds greater freedom of choice in our careers and prosperity."

Baroness Blackstone said the workforce could no longer rely on remaining in the same job for life.

"It is essential that we become more responsible for our own careers and learning and recognise that we are key stakeholders in our own development. That is why we are introducing learning accounts," she said.

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