Left powerless and voiceless

In his letter Stephen Springthorpe (TES, November 5) rightly points out that there will be problems for governors dealing with teachers' requests for review of unsuccessful threshold applications. They are not going to challenge the decision of their head.

Unfortunately this problem already exists in an earlier stage in the process. In schools where the head has written the annual performance management review, a teacher complaining about the content has no option but to appoint the chair of governors as their review officer.

Again, it would take a remarkably strong chair of governors to question the judgments of their head. Is it likely that the head of another school will be called in to conduct a new review? I seriously doubt it.

And where does that leave the teacher who is still unhappy with their review? Powerless. There is nowhere else to go. Put up and shut up.

The National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers has no solution, but it needs one. Otherwise the power of the cabal of head and chair will be unchecked and open to abuse.

Paul Warnes 42 Rectory Lane North Leybourne, Kent

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