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Lesson ideas

* Literacy:Ask primary pupils to use an account of how pigeons were used in a war-zone to write a short play or story. Construct a tense atmosphere and plenty of action. Write your own short, important message that could be sent home via pigeon post.

* History: KS12. Plot the use of pigeon post on a moving timeline. Design and make a model pigeon to plot changes and indicate key features.

* Art and design: KS12. Produce an advertisement or poster showing the benefits of pigeon post compared to more conventional systems. Design a medal that could be awarded to a pigeon.

* Citizenship: KS12. Organise a debate about how pigeons find their way home. Pupils can research the ideas and play in role as different theorists. They can be challenged to present their explanations in informative and unusual ways.

* Science:KS12. Discuss the cruelty involved in the experiments on pigeons. Is the suffering justified?

* Numeracy:KS12. Ask a fancier to talk to pupils about their birds. Many maths skills can be practised plotting distances and times of returns.

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