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Lesson ideas

Art and design

In the horse's mane Rubens has used the pointed end of his brush to scratch into the surface of wet oil paint. Recreate this scraffitto technique in the pupils' paintings of animals with hair or fur.

Using photographs and magazine pictures make a composite dragon using different parts of animals. Compare these on the internet with other images of dragons, for example Bartolome Bermejo's Saint Michael triumphant over the Devil or Paolo Uccello's Saint George and the Dragon (

Ask students to find out about other stories including mythical creatures, including dragons.Look at the dramatic composition of Rubens's Saint George and combine some of the elements he used, like encouraging audience participation by giving characters eye contact with the viewer.

Research examples of stories from different cultures based on the theme of good triumphing over evil. Compare 'Saint George and the Dragon' with contemporary tales such as Star Wars.

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