Lesson ideas

Clouds don't seem the most promising subject for a language lesson and they barely get a mention in the GCSE syllabus. But they could be the focus of a brainstorming session to demonstrate to students how language can be transferred to any context. Adjectives: how many appropriate adjectives can they think of? Size, colour, shape, appeal (beautiful, grotesque), comparisons. Nouns: clouds take on strange shapes. What might these be? A sheep? An elephant? A witch's face? Verbs: clouds arrive, depart, remain, glideI Adverbs: clouds move slowly, quickly, silentlyI Tenses: black clouds appear. Will it rain or snow? They disappear. What now? And how does weather affect us - for example, does a cloudless sky make you happy and want to go for a bike ride? Do storm clouds make you sad and want to stay in and do homework or go out and get wet?.

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