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Last month's top 10 downloads for 5- to 11-year-olds

1. 50 new class ideas
From games such as People Bingo to wall displays of "Friendship Gardens" or "Dream Trees", this collection of 50 ideas for meeting your new class will help to get the school year off to a good start.

2. Passport to Year X
Ask children to list their aspirations and targets for the forthcoming term or academic year on a passport template.

3. Classroom play
One of the biggest assets a teacher can have is a good stock of games to use in class. Make your classroom a happy one with these multi-purpose activities.

4. All about me
Find out about the students in your class - and make them feel at home - by encouraging them to write about themselves and the things they love in this "All About Me" booklet.

5. New beginnings
How can children make sure their classroom is a fair and happy place for learning and playing? Get them to produce a class charter - and make a promise.

6. Red-hot sentences
Encourage students to make their writing more lively and powerful, by using different connectives - and perfect punctuation - in this literacy lesson.

7. Quick-fire activities
Use this selection of quick-fire activities - as lesson starters or as five-minute time fillers - to encourage children to think about vocabulary, connectives, openings and punctuation.

8. Phonics fun
Develop children's early phonemegrapheme and initial sound-recognition skills with these games and activities.

9. Lateral thinking
How many times can you subtract 3 from 39? What can be seen in the middle of March and April that cannot be seen at the end of either? Teach students the art of lateral thinking.

10. Jigsaw puzzle
See how well your students fit together as they create jigsaw pieces about themselves and combine them to form a whole-class puzzle.

Find these lesson plans at bit.lyTop10PrimaryJuly2013

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