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Lessons from the blockade minority

I HAVE just watched a superb staff overcome the travel problems associated with the fuel blockade.

Their year-round expertise and dedication has enabled our pupils to achieve the school's best-ever results, far outperforming any target we have been set.

With 40 per cent of pupils on the special needs register, many of them with emotional and behavioural difficulties, this represents an outstanding achievement.

I have also watched with admiration Tony Blair's determination to prevent the "disruption and intimidation of a minority" from "destroying the right of the majority" to lead their lives in a peacful, productive and safe manner.

Back in school I am coming to the conclusion that despite anger management, pastoral support, classroom support, a pupil-referral unit, a reduced timetable and a vocational curriculum I will have to exclude permanently a pupil who for three years has abused staff and disrupted lessons.

If I do take action to stop this "disruption and intimidation from a minority" I assume I will receive the Prime Minister's support, not the pillory of inspectors and a pound;4,000 fine.

Stewart Gimber


Southfield technology college



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