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Lessons learnt nearer to home

So Peter Peacock has travelled halfway round the world to look at other education systems and maybe learn from them (TESS, last week).

Why? Could it be that Mr Peacock and accompanying officials are restricted to anglophone countries, however distant, because they do not have the linguistic competence to understand our nearest neighbours?

They could simply have crossed the North Sea to mainland Europe and probably learnt an awful lot more than they did. They would have found problems very similar to those facing all western societies but solutions which are very different from those applied in Scotland.

Indeed, I venture to suggest that the more different they are from those here, the more successful they are. Now that really is uncanny, Mr Peacock.

Finally, if his fatuous statement that "we share a similar geography and history" to New Zealand were true, we would almost certainly have a better national rugby team.

Bill Cooper Highfield Circle Kinross

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