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Let her teach Latin

I COULD easily find a job for Ann Widdecombe as a Latin teacher. So many primary children are queuing up to learn Latin that schools have waiting lists for pupils to join the after-school and lunchtime clubs. Latin is now so cool that some schools have even held lotteries to join the clubs!

To ensure children are not deprived of the fun, challenge and stimulus of learning Latin, we launched the "Granny Latin" scheme in May 2000.

Hundreds of "Grannies" (grandpas, young mums at home, undergraduates etc) now voluntarily run these clubs.

If Ms Widdecombe could find half-an-hour per week in her local Kent constituency, we could easily, and gratefully, find her a school.

Barbara Bell

Director, Primary Latin Project 82 Swiss Drive Ashton, Bristol

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