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Let us have praise where it's due;Letter

Once again schools become the target for criticism over another issue which is deeply rooted in many aspects of our society, namely institutionalised racism. It is pitiful that those at government level choose to cast blame rather than praising the majority of schools that work hard to equalise opportunities.

The important outcome - raising issues about racism - would be the same, but the approach would be to focus on what schools are striving to do well.

Instead we have another example of the blame culture, one which has eaten away at the education service, and a failure to recognise this as yet another reason for under-recruitment.

Furthermore, I would be interested to know what percentage of employees in the Government, the Department for Education and Employment, Ofsted, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and the Teacher Training Agency are of Pakistani, Bangladeshi and African-Caribbean origin.

Mike Ollerton

Tenter End Docker, Kendal

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