Let us learn languages

I AM writing in response to your article "Schools jump gun in ditching languages".

I was shocked and disappointed to understand that foreign languages will now be optional at the age of 14.

I feel that teachers and schools should make time for language lessons. At the time, pupils do not want to learn different languages, but it will help in the future as they might want to work or travel abroad and it will be harder for people to learn new languages when they are older. Even footballers and singers need at least a few simple words.

I feel at 14, students are more occupied with their private lives than school work, so I think pupils should choose at the age of 16, not 14, because at 16 they are more sensible and mature.

Finally, I just want to say, schools should not cut out languages and even design and technology.

I hope what I have said makes a difference.

Elena Perrott, age 11

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