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Let's burn this report

We have all had enough of radical changes. What we need is for teachers to be left alone to teach, and for things we already have to be given a chance to work. The scheme to scrap GCSE and A-levels is a case in point. The Confederation of British Industry is right to reject it.

Recently I went to a conference on remodelling the workforce, the healthy schools initiative, and helping staff to cope with stress. This last issue is not entirely disconnected with the first two.

I have a proposal: once a month, staff should don academic gowns or Sergeant Pepper-style uniforms and children clown costumes. After a solemn procession, they all would gather round a brazier in the playground to watch that month's crop of radical government initiatives being ceremonially burned. Such a festival would provide a welcome catharsis.

Stephen Booth Chairman of governors Ellel St John's primary school 9 Ash Avenue Galgate, Lancaster

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