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Let's celebrate vocational success;Letter

THIS year's exam results focus attention on the achievements of the nation's young people. There are, however, many who do not achieve in the education system - they need to benefit from high-quality work experience and vocational qualifications.

Many of them come to Rathbone CI (Community Industry) each year aged 14 or 15, disillusioned with school but desperate to find a way to succeed in life. They do succeed - via work placements, vocational qualifications in health and safety, food hygiene, key skills and information technology, and move on to training and further education - but no league tables celebrate these young people's achievements.

I hope that the national curriculum review will encourage local education authorities and schools to see the benefits of work-related learning and the focus will no longer solely be on what appears in league tables. All young people need to know that whatever education or training route they take they can succeed in life and realise their potential.

Jackie Tyler

Executive director

Rathbone CI

56 Oxford Street, Manchester

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