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Let's keep building friction to minimum

I am currently representing the non-teaching unions on Cardiff council's now infamous schools sub-committee and wish to take issue with your main article in TES Cymru, July 6.

Two councillors from Swansea took a swipe at spending millions on a new Welsh medium school, yet curiously had no complaints to make about the millions recently spent on replacing Sketty English-medium primary, or the under construction new English-medium primary in St Thomas.

Also, you suggest that a similar situation is occurring in Cardiff following the recent proposals made to the authority's executive. However, these proposals, if accepted, would lead to no new-build Welsh-medium schools but at least two new-build English-medium establishments.

The gradual reduction in school places due to a dropping birthrate, together with demand from local parents for Welsh-medium education, can often lead to friction between schools and campaign groups, particularly in places like Swansea.

Cardiff has been fortunate to avoid such battles between groupings and I hope this letter helps to clarify the position.

Ian Titherington

Unison branch officer

Cardiff County Unison

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