Letters - Engage everyone in the pursuit of quality

Asha Khemka's comment in FE Focus (February 6) clearly sets out the essential elements for self-regulation of the sector. Sion Simon's letter in support of the Framework for Excellence, in the same edition, led us to reflect on whether it does provide the overarching framework that Mrs Khemka calls for.

The East Midlands Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training recognises the importance of holistic approaches to individual and organisational development through its work with further education, work-based learning providers and adult education services. This leads us to conclude that an overarching framework should not only address quality outcomes for the whole sector, but also encourage an aspiration of "striving for excellence" in the individual institutions that comprise the sector.

In its current form, the framework is strong on resources, associated processes and results as they impact on employers and the learners themselves. But it is much weaker on the contribution of leadership and the engagement of employees in pursuing quality.

We are currently looking at a range of established, and complementary, quality standards to inject a greater ethos of people-centred development into the framework, and we will publish the findings on our website in due course.

Ian Grayling, Executive director and Kevin Commons Associate consultant, East Midlands Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training.

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