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Letters extra: Another reason to leave teaching

Since joining the profession three years ago, I wondered how long it would be before I too began to feel the pressures of excessive paperwork, poor behaviour and the other oft-cited reasons for young teachers leaving teaching.

I will be resigning from my post at the end of the academic year, but not for any of those reasons. Quite simply, I have been harassed by students at my home for overnbsp;six months. I live in the catchment area, but so do other staff who have not been subject to this abuse. Apparently I am an easy target because I live alone.

Eggs have been thrown at downstairs and upstairs windows on seven occasions, as well as apples, stones and mud. Abuse has been shouted. The school and the police are doing everything they can to stop it, but still it continues. I have CCTV at my home and have now installed a more powerful security light to capture clearer images.

I only joined the school in January, which is a Beacon School in a very middle class area, and have not really had time to settle into my teaching. I spend every evening worrying about what will happen that night, and I cannot relax at weekends.

I was quite prepared for problems in school concerning discipline. I did not expect this systematic and targeted abuse during my own time and in my own home. To me, this is an indication of the lack of respect people show to each other, especially to teachers, in today's society.nbsp;

I hope that such harrassment is added on to the list of reasons why young teachers may seek employment outside the classroom.

Name and address suppliednbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;

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