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Letters Extra: Art for art's sake

I'm chairman of governors at a very small primary school (less than 80 pupils in 4 classes) in Hertfordshire. We had just finished our Arts Week, when you published your article on the same subject.nbsp;

We found itnbsp;interesting that you said, "few schools would attempt such an event". It was a big deal for our staff, none of whom would boast about being particularly artistic and all of whom have plenty to do at the best of times, but we would all strongly recommend it to any school, regardless of size or apparent ability!

Actually, being small worked in our favour, as every child got a chance to have a go at every activity during the week. The community and family involvement was superb - as are the end results! The staff arenbsp;putting everything together for an open eveningnbsp;display for parents.

In a small school the budget is even tighter than average, but with the support of the PTA, the local charity shop and a local amateur dramatic group, this was definitely a worthwhile event! Anne Reid Whitwell Hertfordshire

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