Letters Extra: Backs in the future

Research shows that poor school furniture design, also seriously damages pupils' backs. As a former disabled teacher, whose career was cut short by not having a work surface suitable for an adult (eg, teacher's desk) and unsuitable seating, exacerbating my original disabilities, this article made me smile, but wryly! Shouldn't the things proposed for children, such as personal desks and lockers, apply to staff too? (Aside from the need of suitable seating for both pupils and staff.)

I lost my personal injury case, because the judge concluded that as the head could sit all day on a seven year old's chair without discomfort, and use their small tables comfortably, then it couldn't have caused me any problems! He ignored others, eg, parents, medical expert that this was not so, even for able bodies people. A judge had previously ruled that ergonomics were irrelevant, so I couldn't call an ergonomist.

When are people, who should know better, going to be educated? Perhaps when they have a painful back problem!

Mrsnbsp;D Jansen,nbsp;Shirley, Croydonnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;

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