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Letters Extra: Be fair to all

I am writing in response to the article "Overseas staff prop up London primaries" (TES November 1).

Your article reinforces the use of overseas trained teachers (OTTs) from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa and that they are viewed as unqualified staff in the UK.

It fails to mention the figures for 'overseas-trained staff' fromnbsp;European Economic Area countries who are automatically qualified tonbsp;teach in the UK.

It is unfortunate that the title of 'unqualified' is conferred on teachers from those English-speaking ex-colonies. They share a culture and a language and are thus much sought-after as they adapt more easily to the UK system.

It is short-sighted that the education system automatically gives non-native English-speaking EEA teachers qualified teacher status in a reciprocal EU agreement but fails to provide for the teachers it poaches the most.

How can we ask children to treat everyone with respect and dignity when some teachers are faced with a nationality lottery and discrimination?

Dierdr Snook
Portobello Close
The Rock

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