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Letters extra: Beautifully cunning plan

Congratulations to the beautiful mind behind the decision not to fully fund the Raising Standards reform. Since school governors would be unlikely to set deficit budgets because of the probable impact on their personal finances,nbsp;governors would be forced to cut staffing through redundancies or natural wastage.

At the same time the teacher associations would be likely to declare that they would not fully implement the reform unless it was fully financed. The Government couldn't then offer additional money since some teachers would already have received redundancy notices, and there would have been massive timetable changes impacting on staff, students and parents. Imagine the furore!

The net effect would be that from September teachers would take on additional teaching duties to cover the classes of those made redundant or not replaced, and at the same time would not be able to shed administrative tasks to teacher assistants. So teachers would have to work harder for no extra reward and with no cost to the Government. Brilliant!

Dennis Brown, The Boswells School, Chelmsfordnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;

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