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Letters extra: boys prefer male teachers

"Sex immaterial" (leader, March 8). As a PGCE student, I find it disheartening to say the least that there is so much emphasis put on KS2 Sat results.

There is a huge benefit, I've found, for boys to be taught by male teachers. This was true when I was a child, and it seems true now. Boys I've taught on school placements found it fun (remember that?) just to be able to talk about such pursuits as football, rugby, cars, and Kylie Minogue (without reference to her wardrobe).

This might not show as a rise in average test results, but it makes school more bearable and, dare I suggest it, enjoyable for Year 3 plus boys who would otherwise be devising mischief. On my last placement, several boys in the class, whom I'd caught bullying classmates, said how much they'd enjoyed my English and maths lessons.

This is no doubt because I showed them respect, chatted with them about things they were interested in, and received their respect in return. Please don't judge primary education standards on Sat results.

John Gimblett
South Walesnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;

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