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Letters extra: Depression - one day at a time

In response to Martin Grace's article on depression ( TES, April 18) I have to agree depression does deserve more understanding. However, having suffered from depression myself I have discovered that there is actually a lot of understanding out there. It's a question of looking in the right places. When I talked about it I found people who did understand or who could at least listen.

Now you don't have to tell me how hard is to seek help when depression's dark cloud is hanging over your head, I already know because I have been there. But it is possible to find help and understanding. The way I see it is you have to, your only other option is to let depression win, and then you'll be locked in the house forever.

And to all those people out there: it is OK to heal in your own time, because that is all you can do! You wouldn't expect yourself to run the marathon just after breaking a leg, so don't expect your recovery from depression to happen overnight either. Take it a day at a time and take the little steps you feel you can. (Opening the front door and standing on your doorstep to feel the sun on your face , rather than a walk down the high street.) One day you will find yourself walking down the street with your head held high and a grin from ear to ear. You have nothing to be ashamed of! And lastly, stop.look at the sky.

Amy Wright
Teacher, Bristolnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;

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