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Letters extra: Disruptive behaviour under the microscope

Your article `High price of bad behaviour' ( TES August 8) highlights the financial cost of pupil disruption and violence, which oblige schools to turn to expensive consultants.nbsp; In reality, the cost is measured in more than cash.

It is at last generally acknowledged that `bad behaviour' is often the root cause of many of the difficulties faced by teachers and schools.nbsp;Teachers are not alone in trying to counteract what has become a national problem. Alongside the commercial sector, many voluntary organisations are supporting schools, particularly in respect of bullying and exclusion.

An exciting new addition to the efforts of teachers and others to make education an enjoyable and successful experience for all concerned is about to enter the scene.

The `UK Observatory for the Promotion of Non-violence - working with children and young people', is to be launched on 3 October at the University of Surrey.nbsp; The body has been planned by SAVE (Strategy against Violence in Education) and will complement the pan-European Observatory, bringing together research, practice and teacher-training.

Under the direction of Professor Helen Cowie, the Observatory will `provide a network for interested professionals to distil the best metholologies and synthesise research evidence in order to turn principles into practice'.nbsp;Children and young people will be involved in its work.

Further information is available from SAVE at

George Varnava Richmond Suurrey

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