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Letters extra: A distasteful argument

As another teacher who voted in the recent GTC election, I found Phillip Delnon's letter on the topic rather distasteful. The tone of malapert triumphalism was neither warranted by the cogency of argument nor supported by the facts - and those were surpassed by his evident disdain for fellow professionals. He may be no fan of the GTC, but he mustn't assume he speaks for others whether or not they chose to vote. Being aware of how busy teachers are, I was impressed that some were prepared to offer themselves for election. I made time to read and reflect on their election statements. That was the very least they deserved - not the scorn he heaped upon them. I wish the successful candidates well and suggest that Mr Delnon finds out more about the work of the GTC before the next election. We might then be able to have a sensible professional debate on the issues. Andy Garner Ipswich

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