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Letters extra: don't knock church schools

I was concerned by your inflammatory, one-sided articles concerning church schools and racial segregation.

Elementary church schools were set up to serve the community. Traditionally that community would abide by Christian beliefs. Christian secondary schools have been set up to serve a community: that is the community of Christians. They are partly funded by the local diocese which receives its money directly from the congregations which worship in churches.

Christian schools are not racist. There are Christians from every country in the world including India, Ceylon, Pakistan, Indonesia, China. The answer does not lie with decrying successful Christian schools as racist. Neither is it found in the vociferous bigoted views of those campaigning against faith schools.

Every secondary school no matter what community it serves or its religious affiliation should be able to provide the standard of education that the parents of its children desire. They shouldn't have to send their children to a different area of the town to obtain the standard of education they require. Don't blame Christians, blame the schools who are failing the local community they serve.

Neil Hayden

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