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Letters extra: An election broadcast

I am amused by your promotion of John Bangs as the "centrist candidate" in the NUT general secretary election (TES, 2 January). Until he became a member of NUT staff at least, John was a member of the Socialist Teachers Alliance, one of the hard left factions in the NUT, and regularly spoke for them at NUT Conference.

It is true that Broadly Speaking supports Steve Sinnott, the present deputy general secretary, in that election just as it supported Doug McAvoy in his campaigns for general secretary, although neither of them are members. This is because Broadly Speaking was set up with the express purpose of preventing the take-over of the union by the hard left; I know, I was a founding member.

Steve has demonstrated that he has the support of the membership of the union; he has been elected nationally three times with large majorities, once as president and twice as deputy general secretary.

Malcolm Horne NUT National President, 1988-9 Chalfont St Peter

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