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Letters extra: grassroots campaign to say no to the GTC

The revelation that fewer than one in eight teachers agrees to pay fees to the General Teaching Council comes as no surprise. Alongsidenbsp;Ofsted and the Teacher Training Agency, the council is another quango trying to impose itself on teachers.

Only 40 per cent of GTC members are directly elected, 13 out of 64 council members are appointed by the education secretary. Independent? WIth an annual cost of pound;12.3 million, I am sure teachers could suggest a more useful way of spending the money.

If the Government attempts the compulsory deduction of the pound;23 fee from our wages, the GTC will be dead. Our only problem is that the union leaders are attempting to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Yet again a just cause threatens to end in chaos and acrimony, with the usual, "Doug lashes Nigel" and "Nigel lashes Doug" headlines. That's why we need a grassroots campaign to say, "GTC No! Hands Off Our Pay!"

Richard Knights

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