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Letters extra: GTC was misrepresented

Whilst I amy agree with some of the critical comments that are made about the GTC I would like to state some positives on their behalf from my personal experinece. Notably one in particular: the Teacher Learning Academy. Manchester LEA is one of three LEAs piloting this project where there is a genuine attempt to give acknowledgment and credit for the everyday work that teachers undertake in the classroom or any other aspect of their professional duties. It is early days with this venture but all signs are positive with nearly a hundred teachers in Mancehster expressing an interest by signing up with the Academy and many have already commenced their "projects". Over the last year I along with other teachers have had regular meetings with representatives of the GTC, attended the annual conference in London along with eigh teachers from Nanchestser. At no point have I come across the GTC dictating government policy or being a government poodle. Indeed my own experience has been that GTC represntatives have only had the interests of teachers and the teaching profession in mind. Harpal Bahra Primary Headteacher Moston Fields Primary School Manchester

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