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Letters Extra: Holland Park - many parents support the school management team

Neil Ferguson, chair of the Holland Park School Community Association, states in his letter ( TES , Nov 22) "we are united in our dislike of the new regime".

I'm at a loss to know who the "we" are? Certainly not the dozens (slightly more than the membership of Neil Ferguson's letter) of parents doing the rounds of secondary schools at the moment.

They are excited and thrilled to finally have a local authority school in the borough that we feel confident and eager to use. The word in the primary playgrounds is: "Thank God we've now got a positive choice!"

I went to see Holland Park for four consecutive years and it was only last year that I felt confident in choosing it for my 11 yr old son. He listened to five minutes of Mr Hall's open evening speech before declaring: "The search is over Mum, this is the one for me, he's great."

Setting -nbsp;fantastic;nbsp;the enthusiastic skilled new teachers -nbsp;superb; the commitment and experience of the older teachers with the vision to stay -nbsp;invaluable; uniform -nbsp;well... not my cup of tea but we've raised the issues and the "unlistening" head is addressing the points we raised.

There are 1400 children at Holland Park. The vote of no confidence was taken from 60. Over 400 put Holland Park as their first choice this year. In my humble opinion Colin Hall and his senior team are the best thing since organically milled, hand kneaded, wood-ovened, thickly sliced bread!

Tracie Fryer Kanssen

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