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Letters Extra: Holland Park - what's all the fuss about?

I cannot understand the hoo-hah about Colin Hall, Head of Holland Park School (Letters, TES , 22 November). Thatnbsp;60 or so parents actively oppose some of his policies is hardly a matter for the public prints.

The massive increase in 11+ applications to the school is evidence enough that the measures Colin Hall is implementing, measures designed to raise standards of behaviour, of teaching and of learning, attract the strong backing of ordinary parents. Such parents constitute the overwhelming majority of his constituency.

Far from creating dissension and difficulties, these parents will be grateful for Colin Hall's vision, leadership and determination. His work has already borne much fruit. It is to be hoped that his governors, staff and parents will continue to encourage Colin and his team until the longed-for transformation is complete.

Michael Gormally
The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School
W14 8BZnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;

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