Letters Extra: The 'moral threat' from Evangelicals

So Warwick Mansell wishes to warn us that the moral threat in schools today comes from Evangelical Christian groups (TES, June 14)?

It was indeed a shock to be warned against these pernicious people who "have strong views against sex before marriage".

Presumably if they didn't care whether or not our pupils engaged in pre-marital sex, they would be far more welcome in schools? Has the silly season of journalism come early this year?

Young people need inspiring role models, but they are few and far between. So lets stop attacking these Christians who have inspiration to offer to our pupils.

Rather, as good RE professionals already do, let's make an effective partnership with visitors from faith communities so that pupils get the chance to see the inspiration that a life of faith can offer.nbsp;nbsp;

Dr Trevor Cooling
The Stapleford Centre
The Old Lace Mill
Frederick Road

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