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Letters Extra: A negative thrust

In the article "Oh, come all ye faithful" (TES, June 14), the evidence presented did not appear to confirm the negative thrust of the article.

It states, "Evangelical Christian group would like to make disciples of your pupils", and yet headteachers confirmed that the groups in question did not proselytise in lessons.

Surely in Britain in the 21st century we should not be afraid to have our children hear about the Christian worldview. Christianity is closely bound up with our history and cultural heritage. To deny young people a knowledge of the Christian faith is to do them a great disservice.

No education is value-free, and we should be cautious of any group that claims to be so. Every individual or group has a basis of belief. I suggest that we have more to fear from the teachings that are hidden behind a mask of neutrality than from any group - either religious or non-religious - that is prepared to openly declare their beliefs.

By all means investigate Evangelical Christian groups - and all the other groups that claim to have something to offer our children - but make sure that the evaluation is honest and not prejudiced.

Elizabeth Scott
Hound Road
Netley Abbey

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