Letters extra: Next time, I won't bother

I have read so much recently about concerns raised for teachers on the post-threshold scale but very little about us unfortunate teachers who remain on the main scale.

I have just begun my seventh year in teaching, a poor graduate who only achieved a third class degree. Although class distinction may now have disappeared for new graduates there still remains those teachers on the main scale who have plodded their way up slowly from point 0.

To find that points 4 and 5 of the previous scale had been combined and I would be assimilating onto a new scale just two points above a newly qualified teacher angered me. Not only have no allowances been made for existing teachers in this situation but I have also missed out on another advancement up the scale for taking a year out to teach on supply, gaining experience. The only experience I have gained is to make surenbsp;I don't bother again.

Surely the government should have taken into account the years teaching experience you had before assimilation - if they were changing the rule for one set of teachers it should have been done for all. In my opinion it is discrimination.

Katrin Lockett,nbsp;Garswood, Wigan, Lancs

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