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Letters extra : Northern exposure


I read with empathy the letter from your correspondent of 276.

I too am over-priced. I have been supply teaching for eight years on and off, but I cannot secure a permanent job. I am 47 and I have done a variety of interesting jobs up to my PGCE in Physics in 1995. I live in a nice northern city. When a post becomes available, the 21-year-old looking to relocate to a "nice northern city" gets the job.nbsp;

I love teaching and have established myself locally as a supply teacher who will do anything - I have covered long-term supply work in PE, Biology and Drama. I get on well with my colleagues and I have empathy with my students.

It takes the best part of a day to complete an application form and I have completed many. I do not even get to the interview stage now. I am unable to care.
Nick Bylo
North Yorkshire

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