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Letters extra: Parents Against War

I heard dozens of tales about draconian measures taken against anti-war school students last week from parents attending Saturday's march in London. Locked school gates, instant exclusions, police violence and parents threatened with truancy laws all featured in reports to me.

Headteachers seem to be panicking about their duty of care without asking why discerning adolescents are in revolt at the lies and hypocrisy which pass for adult governmental discourse. Murder in the name of liberation, military invasion in the name of democracy, the mega-rich lording it over the dirt poor, is how many see this war on Iraq. As a parent I want to support these kids.
Many schools have been inclusive, flexible and sensitive. They've found time out from the number-crunching, test-mania which passes for education to do some real learning with real students in very real circumstances. I know of one head who is laying on coaches to take students to protest in Parliament Square next week.
Meanwhile, I make a call to network with other concerned Parents Against War. Please contact me at to see how we can support each other and our kids.
Nick Grant

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