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Letters extra: PGCE students commitment

On reading the letter "Primary teachers need broad training" (TES March 7 2003), it is clear that the writer's sweeping disregard for primary PGCE students is based solely on her bitterness towards the additional incentives, rather than any sensible appraisal of the postgraduate route.
Whilst I have no doubts about the dedication and focus of Bed students, it is quite unfair and simply untrue to assume that PGCE students do not share this commitment to education. I speak not only for myself, but also on behalf of the many hard-working, knowledgeable and talented individuals who have made life-changing decisions to return to or continue study. To profess that our motivation is based on monetary gain is laughable, bearing in mind that teachers' salaries continue to lag behind many other professions.
I should remind Jennifer Salt that the NQT requirements are the same for all students, regardless of how long it takes to complete the course, and that our ability to achieve this in under a year is based on sheer hard work, teamwork and resolve.

Mr Liam Hinkley

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