Letters Extra: Really testing potential?

The advertising campaign "Those who can teach" will probably ring a bell with all thosenbsp;travelling on the Tube in London every day. Indeed, teachers are needed.

In order to attract more people, one of the Government's last initiatives has been to put into place the RTP (Registred Teacher Programme) course, done in two years.

As a professional woman who has always wanted to become a teacher, I thoughtnbsp;it would be the perfect opportunity to enter the teaching profession. The main requirement to start the RTP course is to find a school.

However, after applying to many schools, I must admit that I was disappointed not only with the lack of knowledge shown about the RTP course but also by the lack of help available, or shall I say not available, from the relevant agencies.

In a time of such teacher shortage it seems contradictory that I am denied the opportunity to reach my goal. I would be very grateful for any support from anyone who is in a position to help me find a school or anyone who has been in my situation.

Sou Chekireb
Melrose Avenue
Wood Green

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