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Letters Extra: Reducing education to a uniform grey

How can it be wrong for teachers to set up their own business to offer professional services for a fee just like anyone else?

The mealy-mouthed resentment (TES, November 8) of anything that teachers might do to better their down-trodden position might be mistaken for stupidity had it not been union boss, David Hart, leading this attack.

Make no mistake; this attack on teachers' enterprise is about control. These people want teachers to be under their thumb, to be conformant with their miserable statist dogma and to kow-tow to their relentless theft of individual freedom.

Supply agencies are NOT avoiding tax or national insurance. They are restructuring the working conditions of some teachers to provide those teachers with greater self-sufficiency and greater self-determination.

Is this not what mature people strive for? Why should teachers be denied the same opportunities as anyone else?

We are told that the Department for Education and Skills is in discussion with the Inland Revenue about "closing this loophole". Exactly what "loophole" does running a business constitute?

As one who is totally committed to excellence and diversity in education, I fear there are people with sinister intentions - hell-bent on reducing all education to a uniform, soviet grey.

Jim Tucker
Supply teacher
Arlington House
Arlington Way

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