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Letters Extra: The right to go to the toilet

I write with reference to the article Be realistic about bladder management by Harry Dodds ( TES First Appointments 8 November). This article angered me very much. In no way can a natural bodily function be compared to the use of a mobile phone or the desire for confectionery.

I teach a mixed year 23 class and our school actively encourages both staff and children to drink water frequently throughout the day. With the statistics available on improved brain function and other benefits of water I cannot believe that it was suggested water consumption be restricted.

I have also read recently of the throat cancer statistics for teachers and the medical benefits water can bring to those of us who use our vocal cords so much.

If there is any advice for NQTs it is surely to protect your voice - it is your biggest tool. And make sure you can always go to the toilet. Surely every school must make sure that its staff as well as its children has access to this basic human right.

Kim Williams Castlefields Shrewsbury

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