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Letters extra: Selection by specialisation

Even an experienced and acute commentator such as Peter Smith ( TES March 16) falls into the trap of writing of "allegations" that the Government plans to "reintroduce" selection while knowing full well that selection of up to 10 per cent has already been introduced for specialist schools.

At what per cent is the existence of selection admitted?nbsp;Specialist schools are a Trojan Horse deliberately introduced in order to do away, it is hoped by stealth, with the comprehensive system, the greatest and perhaps the only major educational achievement of Labour since the war. Specialist schools mean the recreation of a two tier system, of haves and have-nots, so absurdly denied by the Prime Minister. The Green Paper, despite all its positive proposals involving more money, is shot through with the ideology of a two-tier system, calculated to appeal to affluent middle class voters.

Max Morris Socialist Educational Association executive committee

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