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Letters Extra: Sir's wish list

How about this for a good start to 2003?

1. What if we immediately reinstate hot meals in all West Sussex primarynbsp;schools?
2. What if we never ever build over school playing fields again?
3. What if we never ever concrete over the ancient Parish of Ifield?
4. What if somebody said 'Go to war', we all said 'No', so nobody went?nbsp;
5. What if we see a threat to our children's education and health as a threat to our national security and national interest?
6. What if we start thinking clearly for themselves, instead of letting others do the thinking for us?nbsp;
7. What if we are sorry for our mistakes, instead of blaming everybodynbsp;else except ourselves?

May we all have a very happy, and safe, new year.nbsp;
Richard W Symonds
Lavington Close

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