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Letters extra: Stop bashing the NCSL

I see that Peter Wilby (TES, 17 October) has joined the apparently fashionable chorus of NCSL-bashing. A pity. Through the College's agency, I attended a coaching and mentoring course last week for providers of the new Headship Induction Programme. It was excellent, and has certainly improved my confidence and, I hope, skill in supporting the leadership and management development of new headteachers.

Peter Wilby goes on to suggest that education struggles to distinguish between leadership and management. He really ought to have a look at the Leadership Programme for Serving Headteachers, which is firmly rooted in extensive research by Hay McBer about effective leadership (and management!) in education. This now forms part of a structured programme of leadership development in education, which is supported and developed by the National College.

Perhaps if Peter Wiby had access to some of this he would not be reduced to making sweeping generalisations out of which the platitudinous Chris Woodhead emerges as an unlikely - and implausible - hero.

John Mackay (NPQH tutor)
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