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Letters extra: teacher crisis turns personal

I am a newly qualified teacher having just finished a four year Bachelor of Education (Hons). I have taken and passed the TTA numeracy and literacy skills tests and was looking forward to my first teaching post.

Therein lies the problem. Owing to my husband's job, my family and I have to move to Cornwall in August. I have been told that my letter of application is good, but after seven applications I have not even been granted an interview. Why not?nbsp;I am sure my age has something to do with it. I amnbsp;more than 40-years-old. Who wants an NQTnbsp;who is that old when they can have an experienced teacher practically half my age?

Please stop suggesting that this 'teacher crisis' is countrywide. It isn't. For every post I have applied for there have beennbsp;aboutnbsp;50 other applicants. I live in hope - after sending off yet another application - that this will be the job for me. Teacher crisis? I don't think so. Unless it's a personal one!

Jane Banksnbsp; Cornwall

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