Letters Extra: From tiny acorns...

I am pleased to see that education is to receivenbsp;a much-needed cash injection. However, I do believe the government is again going to miss an opportunity in not funding primary schools too.

Primary schools where teachers do not have non-teaching time, and where class sizes dictate how well a class is taught and how well the pupils learn.

With class sizes well above thirty, and usually with three or four pupils with ADHD, the physically and mentally stretchednbsp; teacher has to build some kind of foundation for the class members to progress through their academic years.

It is unfortunate that not only a lack of funding, along with an obvious decision by this government to ignore the possibility that a poor early education environment (teacher resource and class size), serves only to negate the potential of a child developing their best in secondary education.

To say nothing of those who were disruptive in primary becoming more so in later years with the possibility through frustration and lack of stimulus, their antisocial behaviour developing further.

The latter a result of failing to strategically aim resources at the child in their early years.

To inject money into secondary education instead of or without including primary schools, seems to provide a recipe for continued firefighting in the secondary corner. Missed opportunity, or mis-spent youth!

Phil Coates

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