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Letters extra: Vive la revolution!

At last there are signs in the TES that teachers are talking some political treason and seriously considering saying NO to government bullying. Rebellion is long overdue and it needs to start now. The stream of complaints about the destructive effect of targets, testing and poor funding is building up to a 'critical mass' - the point at which the pressure becomes too great to withstand.

There are about half a million teachers in the UK. If everyone said NO to the insane demands of the government, there isn't a damn thing they could do about it.nbsp; But beware. This is not about getting our own back. This is about providing a quality education for the children we teach. So which ever of the government's ill thought-out policies we want to sweep away, just make sure we have something to replace them with.

It will take courage and not a little confidence. We need to speak and act with one voice and we need to Do It Now.

Mike Todd York

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