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Letters extra: Wasted job application

I've just returned from an interview for a dream job which I don't think I'm going to get because I'm not religious, single or married.

The job is teaching in a government-funded comprehensive on the Cayman Islands. I'm a design and technology specialist who read architecture at Cambridge University and the dream job would have been ideally suited to me.nbsp;

The interview panel was really interested until I was asked what my religious convictions were. I explained that I was an atheist. Half the panel became subdued after this.

The chief recruitment minister then asked whether I was coming over to start a relationship and then get married, since I had applied as a single.

I subdued them completely by explaining that I was attached and that my partner is female. All three panel members suddenly found the desk surface to be of intense interest and three sets of fingers were fidgeted with. At last the head of the school told me the pupils would not tolerate me.

My point is, shouldn't the Commonwealth Education programme update its recruitment format? Had the job advert indicated that applicants need only apply if they are heterosexual, married and practicing Christians then I needn't have bothered.

Claire O'Boyle Ealing, London W5

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