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Letters Extra: What's happening to swimming in schools?

Well done on voicing your disgust at the state of British swimming education. But unfortunately things will not change.

I write as an ASA advanced teacher, a teacher of the disabled and a fellow of the Institute of Swimming Teachers.

The reason why things will not improve is because our governing body, the ASA, under David Sparks, has again side-tracked everyone away from the main problem -nbsp;that is the shameful standard of tuition that pupilsnbsp;receive once they get into the water.

Mr Sparks will use the opportunity to shout for more funding and more teachers, but who tells the governing body that their teaching methods are hopeless? His latest plan to get lots more children crammed into the water with a load of newly-qualfied primary school teachers won't help the situation one little bit.

People should take a good look at the ASA's present failure rate. The way that Britain introduces young children to water is an out-dated disgrace, and the methods that are failing our children will continue for another 50 years under the present ASA management.

Frank Kennedy
Director, Swim 2000

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